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We won’t criticise

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

A client sits in your seat, with a alarming balayage given by her mums, sisters friend. The balayage is patchy, uneven and brassy. Once the consulation is flowing, you see you have a good five hour job on your hands.

The client expresses her disappointment in her previous visit to the hairdressers, saying she wasn’t happy with her patchy balayage. Here is where the current hairdresser will tend to go in, dramatising the situation, converting the appointment into a whole “colour correction”, stating what’s wrong with the hair, patronising and pitying. “ Where did you get your hair done last?” Maybe it’s a hairdressers self esteem thing. Criticise others work, to make another’s light shine brighter.

But before we start cursing other hairdressers work, have we ever thought about the whole package?

Let’s face it, as hairdressers, your going to have good and bad days. We’ve all had days when we’ve done hair and thought, oh that hasn’t quite turned out the way I was expecting. Sometimes mistakes in our industry occur, there just never posted up on instagram for us all to criticise.

The term “colour correction”. Where does that come from? Someone who believes they are worthier then the last hairdresser?

Don’t believe everything you see on Instagram. Colours take time to make them absolutely perfect, with clients full patience and commitment to purchasing aftercare and maintenace. Let’s not believe we’ve corrected anyones work here.

Maybe if hairdressers were nicer to other hairdressers, the world would be a nicer place.

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