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What is smoky hair? What is ashy hair? How do i get ash smoky hair?

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

You know the Smoky Eye, so what is Smoky Hair?

The Smoky Eye is a make-up classic so well known that it has found its way into the world of hair colouring and inspired a new service we now call ‘Smoky Hair’. Playing with a mix of blended shades and using multi-dimensional tones to create contrast from root to tip, this technique truly embodies the Smoky Eye and all of its appealing factors.

The Smoky Hair technique allows for a low maintenance hair colour that looks expensive, yet natural. Whether you are somebody who is a blonde or brunette, prefer a subtle or dramatic look, Smoky Hair is suitable for all clients of all hair types and all hair colours.

What has made Smoky Hair so popular?

The #SmokyEye make-up technique is not just relevant, it’s classic and timeless. Social media, magazines, runways and celebs have proven year after year that this look is here to stay and is forever the in-trend. The #SmokyEye hype has inspired the Pros at L’Oréal Professionnel to create what’s never been played in hair before: #SmokyHair.

Smoky Hair is all about creating a perfectly seamless blend of colour tones that offers a low-maintenance hair colour. A technique that can only be achieved by our Pros. It’s safe to say the Smoky Hair colouring technique creates colour results that everyone will love; a look that can be dialled up just like the smouldering Smoky Eye in make-up or toned down for a more subtle and sultry Smoky Eye.

Get ahead of the game and give yourself a revamp of a hair colour that’s sophisticated, natural-looking and incredibly versatile.

Smoky Eye meets Smoky Hair: The Technique

Smoky Hair is achievable with a complete colour palette of warm and cool tones, leaving the results personalised and suitable for all hair types and colours. Just like the Smoky Eye, the Smoky Hair technique is achieved by placing the darkest shade at the root combined with a reflective lighter shade at the ends with a smudge and blend of tones in the middle which is the crucial step to achieve a flawless finish.

No matter the colour palette, you can create bespoke and personalised colour results. The Smoky Hair technique is done in our three simple steps:

Step 1: Your colorist will start by applying what is essentially a cool-coloured shadow at the roots. Just like you apply the darker share onto the outer corner of the eye when creating a Smoky eye make-up look.

Step 2: Then your colonist will apply a reflective lighter shade on the lengths and ends… just like you would apply the lighter shade onto the inner corner of the eye when creating a Smoky eye make-up look.

Step 3: This is the final and most important step: your colonist will blend the shades in the middle to create a flawless finish. This step is key to create the perfect Smoky Hair result.

To really nail the Smoky Hair trend, you must be well-versed in blending hair colours. You are probably well acquainted with the popular balayage service, or ombre which is achieved by freehand painting on hair colour to give a very blended, natural look with no obvious regrowth. The end result of a well-applied balayage or ombre should be a multi-tonal, natural-looking blend of colour tones that isn’t too overwhelming, just like Smoky Hair. All hair types, all hair lengths, all women. Whether we are working on short or long hair, blonde or brunette, a Balayage regular or looking to cover greys, Smoky Hair is versatile, sophisticated and can be tailor-made to suit your every need.

Giving our clients the #SmokyHair of their dreams, enquire now for a free consultation or book your appointment today.

Discover the new shades

A bespoke result, and the Smoky Hair service provides just that. Choose from an endless colour palette of warm and cool shades to deliver a personalised look that is suitable to your client. L'Oréal Professionnel has an extensive range of beige, cool brown and ash shades to cool down or warm up the look as needed.



A luminous and rosy beige look, that can be achieved on bases 6 to 9.

Roots: iNOA 7.1

Mid-lengths: NEW iNOA 8.12

Ends: NEW iNOA 10.12


Majirel Cool Inforced

The darkest ash look, that can be achieved on bases 4 to 6.

Roots: Majirel Cool Cover 5.1

Mid-lengths: Majirel Cool Inforced 6.1

Ends: Majirel Cool Inforced 7.1


A cool beige look, that can be achieved on bases 4 to 8.

Roots: Majirel Cool Inforced 6.13

Mid-lengths: Majirel Cool Inforced 8.13

Ends: Majirel Cool Inforced 10.13 (NEW)


Majirel Cool Cover & Majirel & Majirel GLOW

An intense and iridescent look, that can be achieved on bases 4 to 6.

Roots: Majirel Cool Cover 5.1

Mid-lengths: Majirel Cool Cover 7.82

To neutralise unwanted yellow-orange tones, add 1/4 Majirel 7.12.

Ends: NEW Majirel Cool Cover 9.82

To neutralise unwanted yellow tones, add 1/4 Majirel GLOW L.22.

But of course, the palette is endless. Smoky Hair can also be created using any of the other colour shades within L'Oréal Professionnel; Majirel Fundamentals, Majirel Glow, Majirel Cool Cover and Majirel Cool Inforced.

And if you need help deciding which shades will work best for you to create a Smoky Hair look, book a free consultation with us today. You can see what the Smoky Hair look will look like on yourself for the ultimate customised look.

Help your clients maintain their Smoky Hair colour at home

Good salon service doesn’t end in the chair: don’t forget to care for your Smoky Hair colour at home with L’Oréal Professionnel purple shampoo to compliment this gorgeous service. The range will ensure your colour stays radiant for longer. For a truly smoky-silver look, we you use a silver shampoo to keep unwanted yellow tones out of your Smoky Hair. Keep the shine and gloss of a topcoat with Moroccan Oil treatment for a flawless finish.

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