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Is keratin good for hair?

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Why should you get a Keratin? Everything you need to know about Keratin treatment. What is Kerain? Is Keratin beneficial for me?

Our Hair is made up of keratin. Annoyingly, Keratin is depleted from the hair daily. This happens through environmental factors and daily stressors, like heat styling, chemical services, dry or humid weather, age of hair, and other extreme conditions. Continued keratin depletion can cause damaged hair which can result in dry, brittle, frizzy, and dull hair. We need keratin protein at the main ingredient to make up the natural structure of hair. Lack of keratin is likely to directly affect the strength and health of the hair. Keratin is what forms the protective shield around the hair, when keratin is optimized it leads to stronger, healthier happier hair. Leaving your hair soft, silky, shiny, and smooth. No matter the type or texture, keratin can help you achieve the goal of beautiful and healthy hair.

Why is Keratin so misunderstood? There is a misconception that keratin means “spaghetti straight hair.” However, our Keratin system promotes healthy, strong and smooth hair for all hair types and fabrics. When using keratin products, “smooth” is just one of the results from this important ingredient.

What is the application of Keratin:

The process can take anywhere between 1 and 3 hours depending on hair type, length, and fullness. Before the treatment, the hair must be thoroughly shampooed to strip any oils and product residue. Once the hair is shampooed, we divide the hair up into four sections, and taking 1/2-inch to 1-inch subsections, apply the Keratin product from root to ends while comb through to ensure even distribution. Then I start to rough dry the hair to about 75% dry, and once again, section the hair and start to blow dry the hair smooth with a boar bristle round brush. Once the hair is completely dry, we create sectioning again and flat iron the remaining sections with 3-8 passes of the flat iron, depending on how smooth and straight you want the hair.

What does a keratin treatment do for the shine, health, and color of hair?

It makes the hair smooth and more manageable. It’s even great after a color service, as it will seal in your color and add incredible shine. For clients, both men and women, it can also help with unruly hair, helping cut styling time in half.

Start making your hair look more youthful today.. Add keratin into your hair routine to eliminate frizz, increase styling manageability, repair damage, and leave hair noticeably softer with incredible shine.

How To Enhance The Lifespan Of Keratin Treatment

Keratin isn’t a permanent solution and it fades away with time. Still, you can make it last longer by protecting your hair from any external elements or cheap products that can contribute to the breaking down of Keratin.

A few tips:

- Minimise Pollution And Poor Quality Styling Products

While everyday air pollution is hard to avoid, it can affect your hair, making it weaker and frizzy. Too much exposure to sun rays can also result in dry hair and reduce how long your keratin hair treatments last. Try avoiding direct sunlight exposure.

One thing you can control is the type of products you use. Avoid poor quality coloring and bleaching products that will cause fragile, dull hair.

- Avoid Sulphates

Only wash and condition your hair with sulfate-free products. Pay attention to the ingredients in the small print, avoiding those sulphates that will weaken and break the Keratin down.

That isn’t the only option, there are many mild hair care products available, so test a few to find the best one for your hair type or consult with us who will help you find a suitable shampoo for your hair texture.

Even though the sulphate free shampoos creates less foam, you are guranteed more healthy ingredients that is less likely to cause hair damage.

- Wait To Wash Your Hair

One piece of important advice we give is to wait at least 48 hours after keratin hair treatments for that 1st shampoo. Waiting 3 days is even better.

Because of this, it is important to schedule your treatments at times when you don’t need your hair looking perfect for events such as weddings or parties.

When you do wash your hair, don’t scrub it roughly, and use a cotton towel, such as a 100% Cotton Towel or t-shirt, to gently soak up the water.

If you dry your wet hair too aggressively, it can cause breakage. This is because when wet, your hair strands are more fragile.

- Spend time moisturising your Hair

It is important to keep your hair well hydrated with conditioning treatments. Using a weekly moisture mask, plenty of oil, and serums to encourage the keratin to remain.

When applying a hair mask, avoid putting it too close to your scalp. A 4-inch gap is what was recommended to me by my stylist. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes before washing out to help create silky hair.

Also, you can apply a leave-in conditioner, I prefer this as it does a great job making my hair stronger and leaves my hair smooth. I really like Moroccan oils leave-in conditioners, if you’re looking at options.

- Avoid Too Much Heat Styling

Too much blow dryer or flat iron use will not only cause heat damage to your hair, but it will also reduce the length of time that your keratin hair treatments last. Turn down the straighteners or ensure you’ve backed them up with a quality heat defence spray.

Beautiful Hair Every Day!

Keratin can be a great addition to a healthy hair regimen. The replenishment of lost keratin and its boost to the natural keratin in the hair can have a long-lasting healthy outcome. Start caring for your hair, giving the keratin it deserves as the results truly speak for itself.

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