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Hot CHOCOLATE Brunette hair is TRENDING for winter!

Discover our NEW Moroccanoil Cholocate Collection. Smooth and rich, who doesn’t love a chocolate? While it’s glamorous and lustrous finish might seem intimidating, caring for the color is really not that bad.

What you should know when choosing Chocolate Brown Hair?

Choosing a shade: The more shine you want, the darker we recommend you go because darker hair will naturally reflect more light. Top tip: For our more mature customers, you may want to choose lighter chocolate with brighter tones. The lighter your chocolate is, the less noticeable your skin imperfections are.

Maintenance Level: Medium-easy to maintain. If you have naturally dark hair color, then chocolate will be easier to maintain its color. Low maintenance because there are no highlights at the root, so the grow-out is very soft and no harsh lines. If your hair is naturally lighter, and your dedicated to keeping the glossy finish at its prime level of shine, We suggest a root touch-up every six to eight weeks , along with a hair gloss to maintain its shine and richness.

Best skin tones: Medium to dark skin tones like olive and brown are best.

Before your hair appointment with us, check out photos of the best chocolate brown hair colours:

1) SIENNA CHOCOLATE - Hazelnut color is a great way to add dimension and texture to your look, gradually lightening the hair with a warm, reddish-brown hue. The contrasting caramel and light brunette balayage give ribbons of color. Soft, versatile and low-maintenance.

2) DIMENSION DARK CHOCOLATE - Try this dark chocolate brunette if you like to wear your hair darker in color. Super rich with so much depth. Use a shine oil to protect your locks during heat styling if you can. Best styled on wavy hair, showing off the different tones.

3) FROSTED CHOCOLATE - Tousled chocolate hair with blonde highlights, pops of blonde but features a dark side. Going for woven pieces means the color can be customisable, adding as much or as little blonde as needed. Not blonde, Not brunette.. The perfect balance.

Still not convinced? Check out our Winter CHOCOLATE 2023 Collection mood board to inspire your new look.

HOT CHOCOLATE BRUNETTE HAIR IS TRENDING FOR WINTER. Our beauty icons Bella Hamid, Emily Ratajkowski, Laura Harrier, Anne Hathaway and Camilla Capella are famously known for sporting the signature dark brown colour.

It is strongly advised to bring in photo examples, so yes go ahead and screenshot this blog or explore some of our work on Instagram.

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