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Bridal Hairstyles for Every Bride

From “Yes!” at the engagement to “I do!” .. On the wedding day, if you’re a bride, one of your biggest decisions to make for your wedding is the overall style you want to achieve on your big day! Not only does this include the dress, accessories and makeup but a huge part of your look is your hair. Whether your bridal style is classic and timeless, modern or even boho-chic, we have the perfect round up of bridal hairstyles for you! So go ahead and pin this to your wedding board, you’re going to fall in love all over again with this guide.

For the Classic Bride

we recommend.. LOW SLEEK BUN

Following Sofia Richie Grainge’s wedding, or should we say, the Royal wedding, all bride-to-be’s started immediately pinning low sleek buns to their wedding inspiration boards. This Low sleek bun that’s gracefully pulled back not only gives a clean, timeless look but also allows your face to be the center of attention! The middle part pairs perfectly with the soft, yet slicked back hair to form a neat timeless style that can easily be paired with any veil. We love using our clip in hair extensions to get the fullness needed for the perfect wedding day look. Also, we recommend an intense course of nourishing mask treatments or Keratin Complex 6 weeks prior to your big day, for ultimate shine and hydration that will be captured in pictures.

For the Glamorous Bride


Curls are not only a wedding day hair staple but luckily they will never go out of style. Whether you chose to style your hair with glamorous round curls or more of a modern wand curl you’ll be sure to see this style all over your for you page this summer. If curls are your thing, we love pairing our 20" classic extensions with our bridal wardrobe to get the full voluminous effect.

For The Boho Bride


Mixing in braids with loose waves or curls can add that extra dimension some brides may desire. Braids can be incorporated into just about any hairstyle but one of our favorites to style with is the braided half up half down style. Although you don’t have to be a boho bride for this classic, we think this pairs beautifully with flowy wedding dresses and outdoor venues!

For the Modern Bride


All over our feeds this past year have been loose, voluminous tousled waves that are ever so slightly noticeable. Think Jen Atkin styled waves that each cascade in meticulous synchronization without looking like they were perfectly placed. This modern day curled style gives the effortless, clean girl look while still reading bridal and fancy. Perfect for any occasion, anywhere. This style can easily be achieved with a Curling Wand and 22" Clip-in Hair Extensions.

For the Party Bride


Everyone knows that for a bride, a wedding starts from the crack of dawn, and goes to the early hours of the morning! If you plan on having a long wedding day (i.e. a ceremony in the early afternoon and a late reception) your hair needs to stay up with you! To ensure your hair doesn’t fall or frizz, we love a classic up-do for our party brides! To make your bridal up-do modern we suggest going for a Pam Anderson inspired, effortless up-do! This way your hair is secure, and you’re on trend while being able to let loose and not worry if a piece or two falls out!

My best tips for this twisted high bun 🤎

- EXTRA LENGTH - If the hair is at collarbone length or shorter, you’ll need hair extensions to have enough hair to play with at the top.

- FLIP THE CLIP-INS — if you’re using clip-in extensions, clip them in upside down so they flow upward with the style.

- THE ENDS ARE THE MAIN CHARACTER — even though this style is an updo, the ends of the hair are front and center! so make sure you pay special attention to curling them and treating them with a healing oil or serum so they look healthy.

- TEXTURE — this hairstyle requires a lottt of texture in order to stay, especially for thicker hair— I used @moroccanoilpro dry texture spray at the base of the style to give the bobby pins more grip to hold on to.

- TWIST IT TIGHT — the twisted base is seriously the whole backbone of this style! if it feels loose/unstable at the twist, it’s not secure enough for long wear.

- LET THE TOP DO IT’S THING — Once you secure the base of the style, pinch + loosely place the hair on top of the head and pin it where it lays naturally. Since it’s already curled, it should already look pretty decent! If it’s too flat, spray a veil of texture spray and keep working it until it looks fluffy and tousled.

- SHAKE TEST — my clients know the drill— I ask my clients to shake their updo to see where there are any weak points. Once the hair can survive a shake, it’ll survive the dance floor which is really what I’m after.

For the Sophisticated Bride


Modern and sophisticated brides look no further than a beautiful, voluminous low-to mid ponytail style! We are in absolute awe over voluminous ponytails on our brides! Try using our 20" Clip in pony-tail for the extra fullness, and hold for your big day! Whether you choose to have your ponytail curled, waved or straight it's sure to look classy and fun!

For the Hollywood Bride


Flip through a bridal magazine and you’ll be sure to cross this favorite bridal style! Classic Old Hollywood waves will always be a Bridal go-to. Think full, lush curls that spiral inward and outward on either side. For this style we suggest using our Classic Collection Clip-in hair extensions.

For the Romantic Bride


If “can’t help falling in love” is your wedding theme song then this bridal hairstyle may be for you. A soft, natural look that allows your love to shine through your glam for the day — the bridal blowout! We love using Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West as our inspiration for this look. Try sectioning your front pieces to be softly tucked behind your ears and loosely round brush your luscious locks ends. This soft style will give your groom all the fuzzy feels!

For the Natural Bride


Embracing your natural hair texture and curls couldn’t be more beautiful on your big day! We are loving this organic and natural style brides are choosing to wear. Whether you have natural curls or waves we love pairing this style with beautiful hair accessories like flower crowns, bridal headbands or pins to add that extra something!


If you’re a bride-to-be we wish you all the best on your special day and can’t wait to see you in you. I know that sourcing a makeup & hair artist can be a daunting time! You have so many questions and there are so many hair and makeup artists, where do you begin?

Breathe! The truth is that all hair and makeup artists have very different styles, and the easiest way to choose is to look through the galleries and see which artist's style resonates with you and your style.

So, whether you're a bride, a member of the family or looking to learn hair skills, contact me for a free no obligation quotation on our services.

As a team, Ritzys only take on around 20 brides a year as we love to keep it a real be spoke one to one experience.

Here, you can discuss visions before your hair artist uses top-end products to produce a one-of-a-kind look. On the day of your celebrations, Francesca will come to your location with the team and reapply your looks. Whether it’s a traditional updo or a full-glam makeup appearance, no vision is too far-fetched for our professional team.

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