• Francesca bosa

5th day into QUARANTINE, using toilet roll for some glam!

How am I feeling during COVID 19?

Firstly, I hope everyone is staying safe, taking the measures our prime minister has given, and being considerate towards more vulnerable people in this situation. Having to close my salon and not knowing when or if we can reopen has been extremely scary! The uncertainty of the duration of Covid 19 is very worrying for our clients and staff. We had customers buying an extra 3 conditioners, self-isolating customers requesting home visits. We have had staff not wanting to work, and staff begging to work. As you can see, COVID 19 has been very confusing to us.

Knowing our health is priority, I feel optimistic that we will overcome this challenge, recharge our batteries during the isolation, and hopefully bounce back with new innovative ideas and looks for 2020. Remaining positive, creative and thinking outside the box, has really helped my wellbeing, hence why there is a deeper meaning when creating my toilet paper roll video. Hairdresser to hairdresser - we are creative and hands on people. My first real experience of being disconnected from the salon, I honestly just can't wait to get back. If anything, this time out has taught me great gratitude towards my existing and new clients who are willing to pay the price of my services. I have brainstormed new ways to add value to your visits, I have been binging Youtube for hair tutorial videos, creating music playlists for the salon, learning and perfecting my hair techniques.

Wishing everyone to stay safe and healthy, I can't wait to get into full swing, making everyone feel beautiful again and booking a well deserved hair education course.

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